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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a written copy of my Astrology and/or Life Coaching information?

For an additional cost, I also offer a written summary of your reading/session.

I have Free choice, so how will this help me?

This is my favorite question! I value free choice and fate, faith and personal responsibility; they are not mutually exclusive. Astrology to me is your "default setting" and free choice is what you do with that. There are ways to achieve goals in a more or less favorable manner, however will-power and other human factors are not to be discounted. That is why I love astrology-based life coaching. I can see where your natural strengths, weakness' and luck lie, and I lead you in a practical and personalized route to your goal. This is just an example, as I cover all facets of spiritual and physical life that you want or need.

Do you offer your service in any other languages?

My service is primarily in the English language, however I am also able to deliver on all verbal and written services in the Hebrew language too.

Will my information be kept private?

My client's privacy is of the utmost importance to me. Everyone's personal information and astrology is kept between my client and myself. Whether someone keeps a generally "low-profile" or they are already a "High-profile" figure, I treat everyone with the same standard of discretion and privacy.

Where are your meetings held?

Due to the international nature of my work, I have found Video-calls to be the most effective place to conduct my readings and coaching. Phone calls are an option for those who prefer. Within Israel, an in-person meeting is occasionally possible and may be worked out with my management team upon request, for an additional charge.

What should I do before booking?

It is incredibly important that you find out your exact birth time, down to the minute. If it is not possible or only a time-range is possible, this must be disclosed prior to the reading as this will effect certain specifics of your astrology that I am a able to analyze. 

How do you prepare for the session?

You do not have to do anything, I will guide you through the process. Of course, you may send in any questions or areas of interest beforehand if you would like a particular focus on a certain area. 

What Astrology do you employ?

I study Western Astrology and include parts of Kabbalistic Astrology as well.

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